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Why Your Marketing Plan Should Include A Blog
By: Gregg Hall
Blogging is a great way for a business to effectively market their product or service without spending a lot of money. There are many benefits of business blogging. Businesses that keep up with a blog can introduce their products or services to consumers and can better communicate their customers.
In addition, businesses that blog can understand what their customers want and serve them better.
A blog, sometimes called Weblog, is defined as a web page that serves as a journal or diary for individuals.
Most blog writers update their blog on a regular basis and writers often share what most interests them. Individuals are not the only ones that have found blogging beneficial. Businesses have learned that this new way to communicate is a good marketing tool for their products and services. 
Every company should consider have a regular blog for their businesses. Larger businesses may opt to hire a several special writers with certain areas of expertise to update their blog. A smaller company may have one writer that can effectively write about their product. The idea of blogging for any size business is to get the word out to readers. A reader who frequents a certain blog is more likely to share the blog with others. Also, blogging is a great marketing tool because it allows consumers to be better informed. 
When a business chooses to blog, it allows them to introduce their product or service to consumers. Keywords and search engines help consumers quickly find the blog they are looking for with ease. For example, if a company specializes in making handmade jewelry and keeps a blog that is on a search engine, then that search engine would list their blog on a search. Blogging allows customers to research the product they are looking for with ease. 
Companies that keep a regular can also use their blog to communicate with their readers and customers. There are many features that a blog site can offer that will allow a reader to enter comments and contact the writer. Companies that encourage their readers to leave comments can take the comments and improve their services and products. In addition, companies can email their customers back and let them know that they are interested in what they have to say. In addition, a company that uses blogging to market their service or product should always rely on an experienced writer to update the blog. Business blogs should be polished and easy to read.
Another good reason why businesses and companies should include a blog in their marketing plan is because a blog provides a unique way to understand what customers want. Companies that are in tuned with their customer's needs and wishes can better serve them. Keeping an updated blog will initiate more customer communication that can help a company know right away how to improve. Blogs provide good public relations and are generally much cheaper to maintain than a regular web site. Also, a business that keeps a blog can reach out to other complimenting companies and link those blog sites together. This will help build readership and customers.
When setting up a blog for business purposes it is important to look for a blog-hosting site that can offer the right kind of features. Most businesses will use a site that can offer them more search engines and options to add links and URLs on their page. Free blog sites may not have the capabilities to offer as many features as the ones that charge a monthly fee. The search engine option is very important for a company that keeps a blog. This will ensure that readers can easily locate the company's blog page. Also, a company setting up a blog should always keep the links and contact information within the blog current. A customer will not want to continue using a blog page that is full of broken links or outdated contact information. If a company relies on their customers to read the blog, then those customers will always rely on the company to make their blog experience a positive one. 
Blogging can be a great marketing tool for any size business. It is important for businesses to realize that blogs are not a passing fad, but a unique way to interact with customers and gain recognition in a particular field.  
Blogging is a great way for a business to effectively market their product or service without spending a lot of money. There are many benefits of business blogging. Businesses that keep up with a blog can introduce their products or services to consumers and can better communicate their customers. 
Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. See more articles on blogging and internet marketing at http://www.theinternetmarketingsecrets.com
Internet marketers are always on the lookout for a new advertising vehicle. The blog has caught their eye and is rapidly becoming one of the 21st century's online advertising wonders
Should you use blogging to promote your internet business? Like anything else, the final answer will depend on a lot of things, but here are 5 reasons why you may want to use blogging as an internet marketing tool.

1. It's simple
Even people without websites are selling things on the internet. The most common system is to set up a blog, a simple thing to do, on a subject with which you are familiar. Then, you join one or more affiliate programs for products or services related to the subject of your blog. Finally, you place your affiliate links on your blog and regularly add content to the site. If you have chosen a subject with which you are familiar and enjoy, this can actually be fun, and many people are making a nice income online just from this tactic alone.

2. It's real.
Remember that part about creating a blog on a subject you were familiar with and enjoyed? That's one of the keys to a successful blog. Others with the same interests will come by your blog over and over again to see what you have added. With all the advertising on the internet, they are used to some advertising being around. With so many non-blog sites, however, it seems like many of today's magazines...tons of advertising and little content of value. A well-run blog can provide lots of content and make money for the blogger with just a few ads.

By the way, rather than add more and more advertising to their blogs, many who are blogging for business just create new blogs. This allows them to keep content fresh and of high quality while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to show more ads.

3. It's free.
As my high school Latin teacher used to say, "You can't beat that with a stick!" Most sites which allow bloggers to set up shop do not charge. Many have an impressive array of tools, templates, and features. In fact, many sites such as myspace.com and directmatches.com include a free blog as a part of their services. This actually serves to attract customers to their services. There are paid blog sites, and it may be of value to use one of these sites if you are serious about blogging for business.

4. It builds respectability.
Once again, writing about familiar subjects and demonstrating your genuine interest in the topic creates an aura of respectability to your blog. Additionally, you may begin to become recognized as an "expert" on the subject and may get regular return visitors. Placing an advertisement on your blog can be seen more as advice than advertising. A really good blog, by the way, may even begin to generate advertising revenue on its own.

5. It increases market share.
You cannot compete with Ford or General Motors. However, if you are providing valid, valuable information on your chosen topic and updating your blog regularly, there is a good chance that you will begin to build a loyal following. One common result of this is that somebody who visited your blog and liked it refers it to someone else.

There are many means of increasing your blog's value and reach. Most of these are pretty much the same as what you would do to increase the popularity or search engine rank of any other website. However, with blogs, simply providing well presented, regularly updated, valuable content will probably do more than anything else to enhance your blog's standing.

Find a topic you know about and enjoy, sign up for a free blog, find affiliate programs related to your blog (or simply link to your own business), provide valuable content, update regularly, and stick with it.

While you can see the value of blogging to enhance your internet marketing efforts, your blog may wind up being the only internet business you ever really need.



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