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The absolute essential tools

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As an online marketer, there are a number of tools that every webmaster should have in their toolbox. Here's a list of some of the top sites you'll want to put in your bookmarks.
WhoNu (http://www.whonu.com/)
WhoNu is the ultimate online search tool. This tool was created by an innovative thinker named Derek Franklin. His tool allows you to tap into multiple search engines.
You can search:* directories* discussion groups* forums* images* audio clips* podcasts* sound effects* music clips* film trailers
* flash movies and* news Search for unique files such as:* pdf's* word documents and...* power point presentations
Discover facts, secrets, tips, faq's, how to's, and a multitude of article sources.
You can also generate rss feeds based on any of your queries.WhoNu (http://whonu.com/) is truly search on steroids. Give it a try! I think you may quickly find yourself addicted.
Teleseminars are one of the most powerful marketing techniques on the internet. Unfortunately, many webmaster's do not take
advantage of this tactic. Fortunately for us, there is a company that is offering free conferencing software for up to 99 people.
With TotallyFreeConferenceCalls.com, you can hold a conference call at any time, without having to reserve a time slot andwithout any time limits.
Using this service, you can hold teleseminars with your visitors or host interviews with industry experts.
No matter how you decide to use it, I would highly suggest that you give it a try.
Google Suggestion (http://labs.google.com/suggest)
Google Suggestion is an innovative service from Google Labs. As you type your search term, Google offers keyword suggestions in
real time. This tool can be very helpful when you are looking for related keyword phrases on the fly.
Once you have found a number of related keywords, you cango to NicheBot.com (http://www.nichebot.com/) to analyze howcompetitive each term is.
MySyndicaat (http://www.mysyndicaat.com/)
MySyndicaat is a new tool that allows you to collect information in an extremely efficient manner. It allows you to combine,
aggregate, and splice together any number of rss feeds.
For the webmaster, this is an extremely useful tool because it allows you to stay on top of important news in your field withoutgoing into information overload. You can simply get what you need and apply it how you see fit.
This is an essential for those with a news site. However, it is also beneficial forwebmastersin general.
You can use this tool to keep abreast of the latest breaking news in your industry. I often use this service to find article
ideas for my website. As you probably know, recent news is one of the hottest topics online. News events are great topics forarticles, so stay on the lookout to see how recent events might affect your readers.


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